10 Tips to Safely Watch “Ring of Fire” the Annular Solar Eclipse

Photo: Sorin Furcoi/Getty images

5. Project the Eclipse

An alternative way to safely watch the eclipse is by projecting it onto a surface. Create a simple pinhole projector by poking a small hole in a piece of cardboard and holding it up to the Sun.

Allow the sunlight to pass through the hole and project the eclipse’s image onto another surface, such as a piece of white paper or the ground.

6. Observe with Approved Solar Telescopes

If you have access to a solar telescope, you can enjoy a magnified view of the eclipse with safety. These specialized telescopes have built-in solar filters, making them safe for direct solar observation.

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7. Be Mindful of Children

Children are naturally curious, and the allure of a solar eclipse can be irresistible. Ensure that they wear proper eclipse glasses or use safe viewing methods. Supervise them to prevent accidental direct viewing of the Sun.

8. Stay Informed About Timing

Before the eclipse day, research the exact timing and duration of the event for your location. You don’t want to miss the spectacle, so be prepared to be in the right place at the right time.

9. Be Patient and Prepared

Eclipse viewing can sometimes involve waiting for the right moment, so be patient. Bring snacks, water, and comfortable seating to ensure you’re well-prepared for the experience.

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