Large-scale efforts are being made to locate a man wanted in connection with a riot in the Capitol building in Middlesex County

Authorities in New Jersey are searching for a suspect wanted in connection with the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6.

Gregory Yetman is wanted by the FBI Newark SWAT team, the Jamesburg Police Department, and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

After Yetman was spotted fleeing on foot in Helmetta’s woods, authorities began searching the area.

The FBI has made a public appeal for help locating him, and anyone with information is asked to call (973) 792-3000.

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White male in his forties, Gregory Yetman was last seen in a red jacket and a ball cap.

The FBI has not said what accusations Yetman is facing, nor how long they had been looking for him.

A man was seen on camera by Capitol riot photographers opening a can of pepper spray and spraying both protestors and police officers. USA TODAY’s probes eventually pegged the man as Gregory Yetman.

Videos and social media posts tied Yetman, a former military police sergeant in the New Jersey National Guard who was discharged in March 2022, to the brawl in the Capitol.

Yetman denied spraying pepper spray on anyone and claimed he did nothing wrong in an interview with USA TODAY.

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