3 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Your insurance agent should be among the first people you tell about your forthcoming trip. Before leaving on a trip, the U.S. Department of State advises travelers to verify that their health insurance will cover them abroad.

You may avoid a lot of hassles on the road if you do this. Here are some more suggestions for maintaining your health on the road: 

1. Have Your Facts Straight

Find out if you need to get any vaccines for your upcoming trips by discussing them with your doctor. Keep in mind that the CDC reports that it can take up to six weeks for some vaccines to reach full efficacy.

That’s why it’s important to receive your shot as much in advance of your vacation as possible.

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2. Safe Journeys

Bring any necessary medications with you on the plane, rather than checking them. That way, if your bags get lost in transit, it won’t be a major catastrophe.

Try some of the regional delicacies, but alert the wait staff to any sensitivities you may have. 

3. The Joys of Summer

There’s a good chance you’ll be out in the sun even if you aren’t traveling to Tahiti. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to avoid sun damage.

Keep in mind that not all hats offer the same level of protection from the sun. Some have been tested and approved to provide the highest level of sun protection possible, while others have not. 

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Tilley Endurables hats, for example, have a UPF of 50+ (the maximum rating) thanks to its special treatment against the sun’s rays.

New 3D mesh fabric and Hydrofil Anti-Sweat Bands are standard on Tilley Mesh Hats. All of the company’s hats, including this one, offer protection from the sun by reflecting 98 percent of its rays away from the wearer’s scalp.

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