7 Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy While Traveling

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We’ve all done a lot more traveling than our forebears ever did. We fly all over the world without giving any thought to how far we actually go.

Our global community has shrunk and grown easier to access. This is a positive development. It’s a great approach to learn about and appreciate the lives and work styles of people from all around the world. But there are some basics you should always double-check before you go.

1. Although it should go without saying, not everyone does their research before visiting a foreign country. Doing so will help you avoid unwelcome shock.

2. Find out what kind of weather you can expect at your destination. A Floridian visiting northern Greenland for the first time would be in for a rude awakening unless they were prepared for the much cooler climate.

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3. Examine your health and travel insurance to make sure they are sufficient for your destination.

4. Do you have all the necessary travel documents with you? If not, go get it.

5. Do you know if you’ll require vaccinations for any infections when you go there? Do your research before putting yourself in danger.

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6. Check to see if your driver’s license will be valid at your destination before you leave. A valid foreign driver’s license, for instance, may be required. Also, have you researched the driving regulations in your destination? If you don’t know what that is, you should learn it immediately.

7. Last but not least, the most fundamental question: is your passport up to date? Does it expire soon enough for you to renew it before you leave? You would be shocked at how many people get this wrong.

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