Essential Safety Tips for Women Traveling on Business

In today’s world, women travel frequently and to all corners of the globe. Most people are able to balance their personal and professional lives effectively.

Nearly half of all business travelers are women, and that share is growing rapidly. Being prepared is essential for last-minute trips. Think ahead and prepare cleverly.

in this article we will discuss about 12 women’s safety travel tips

1. have a roster of people ready to help out with babysitting, including overnight if necessary.

You should always have a little book on hand to record vital information, such as the names and contact information for the kids’ doctors and the names and dosages of any drugs they take, as well as any allergies they may have.

2.  Always have a bag packed and ready to go.

Bring an assortment of clothing that can be worn in a variety of temperatures and conditions, just in case. When traveling, opt for dark, low maintenance hues. They’re stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, and easy to drape.

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3. Stick to light, prepared meals and stay away from raw salads, water, and ice.

You should eat something light before boarding the plane and try to get some rest while in the air. You’ll get where you’re going much more refreshed that way. Drink plenty of bottled water while you’re on the road.

4 Plan to make phone calls to loved ones at convenient times for them back home.

Don’t forget to pick up gifts for your loved ones back home, including the baby sitter and anybody else who helps out while you’re away. You’re not the only one who thinks so.

5. If you’re feeling uneasy, do like the characters in the movies do and put a chair under the hotel room door knob along with a “do not disturb” sign.

Carry some kind of self-defense, pepper spray, an alarm, or if you are trained and licensed a small weapon with its safety on and keep your phone charged and on at all times.

Classes on self-defense and what to do in an emergency are taught to women by the police in most major cities. Make an effort to show up for these.

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6. Stay away from deserted streets and back alleys

Never engage in conversation with strangers or accept anything to eat or drink from them. When you’re on the road, never forget about your refreshments. Always keep your guard up.

7.  be picky when selecting a hotel.

Pick reputable hotels or quaint inns and B&Bs run by people you’d meet at a picnic. Send an email or fax with your itinerary and hotel information to everyone back at the office and at your home. 

8. Put your passport, money, traveler’s checks, and other essentials in a money belt and wear it at all times. 

9. Pretend to be self-assured and travel in groups, there is safety in numbers.

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