When Is the Best Time to Obtain Health Insurance?

Getting health insurance before you really need it is recommended. The federal marketplace (and many state marketplaces) open enrollment period for purchasing private health insurance starts annually on November 1 and ends on January 15.

Periods of special enrollment

During a special enrollment period, you may be able to enrol in health insurance if you’ve experienced a qualifying life event. Certain situations may necessitate specific enrollment:

  • The end of your health insurance
  • Exiting a parent’s health insurance coverage as an adult
  • Getting hitched or splitting up
  • Transferring to another state
  • Procreating a family through birth or adoption
  • To make sure you don’t miss out on the special enrollment window, which usually lasts for 60 days following your qualifying event, start applying for it right away.

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Plans for temporary health coverage

A short-term health insurance plan can be an option for you if you miss the open enrollment window or don’t meet the requirements for a special enrollment period.

Neither the basic essential coverage criteria nor coverage for pre-existing diseases are met by these plans, according to the ACA.

These plans are not accessible in all states and have a maximum duration of 364 days with two insurance renewal options.

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