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Common Issues that Might Turn Your Pool Green and How to Stop It

One of the home additions that can affect both the value and beauty of your home positively is a pool. A majority of modern homes in the market have a pool because of the usefulness. Swimming is an exercise activity that helps in strengthening your lungs and heart. In addition to the exercise, swimming is fun. After building a swimming pool, you need to ensure that it is in good condition. One of the effects of not taking care of your pool is a change of color to green. What are the causes of green coloring? Below, you will discover the causes of green coloring in your pool and the right measures to take.

A swimming is only a useful feature in your property if it is well-maintained. For that reason, you should focus on keeping it in good condition. Calcium is an element in water that is likely to damage your pool. Calcium buildup in pool will change the color of the pool. The effects of calcium buildup in pool extend beyond color change. The other negative effect of calcium buildup in pool is corrosion of metal ladders in your pool. Click on this way on how you can reduce calcium buildup in pool.

A green pool might be contributed by many other effects. Some pools are usually green because of pollens. Nonetheless, this might be a cause of green color if there are trees and plants and nearby. Commonly, people assume that pollens in their pool might be algae. If your pool is green because of pollen, you need more than a standard pool filter to restore its color. The right tool that you need to remove pollen from your pool is a fine-mesh skimmer.

Chlorine is crucial in pool water as it helps in killing germs and preventing the growth of algae. The growth of algae in your pool can change the color. It, therefore, means that lack of enough chlorine water might be the reason why it is green. Also, the presence of metals such as copper in your pool water can contribute to the green color. The primary sources of metal, such as copper in water, are algaecides and heater elements. If you want to prevent metals from changing the color of your pool, you need to routinely use metal removers.

The use of filters is advised if you want to keep your pool water clean. Using a dirty filter in cleaning your pool might not guarantee the results that you expect since it will not remove algae. Now that you understand why your pool is green, you should consider the above-discussed solutions to restore the color and prevent calcium buildup in pool.

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