Do Interior Designers Need to Be Certified?

If you want to pursue an interior desain career, you should research what education, training or certifications you are required to receive before technically calling yourself a “professional interior designer.”

Education requirements for interior designers

Legally, there are not any training prerequisites required for interior designers who want to start working with clients. However, if you do not have any prior knowledge or experience in interior design or interior decorating, it would be wise to receive some type of training, or to build a beginner’s interior design portfolio before you start advertising yourself as a professional. If this is something you still need to do, you can look for an affordable interior design course online or take classes locally wherever you can find in-person interior design training in your area.

Can I call myself a certified interior designer?

If you are interested in not just working as an interior design professional, but calling yourself a “Certified Interior Designer,” then you should pursue a certification, of which there are several credible options available.

If this is a route you are looking to take professionally, the state you reside in may require you to receive a formal interior design licensure by passing a certification exam. You can research state licensing requirements for interior designers if you want to learn more about the rules specific to your area.

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