Providing International Standard, Check Out IEYC As Preschool Jakarta Curriculum

Providing International Standard, Check Out IEYC As Preschool Jakarta Curriculum

The curriculum has a huge role in defining school learning and the approach to its education. In the case of a young learner, Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta uses IEYC or international Early years curriculum. It is completely based on children’s development learning, which shows how impactful personal development and fun learning are for children. How good is it? 

About Early Years Program In Global Sevilla

A great reminder of why the school can fit perfectly with the IEYC is how the two have a similar focus. Global Sevilla has an idea of character building in its education, which is similar to IEYC. The school has the chance to develop more fun and personal learning. Thus, students can enjoy and develop their character or personal skills better. 

IEYC As The Curriculum 

Made by Fieldwork Education, UK, IEYC is known as a child-centered syllabus for students from 2 to 5+ years old. It is a recognized best practice for learning with developmental needs and focuses. Due to that focus, the teacher, practitioner, or school can embrace the interconnected nature of learning and children’s development. 

The emphasis of the curriculum is to make a holistic, child-focused, and playful education in preschool Jakarta. One definite point is the learning and development focus, which also provides a contemporary perspective of the teacher to help students learn through enjoyment and effective ideas. It also indicates that the learning will be based on the six areas of learning and development.  

The Uses Of Six Areas Of Learning And Development 

The school and IEYC use six areas of learning and development as the assessment points. The students will get guidance in developing their creativity, physical, cognitive, social, literacy, and knowledge of the world. It also highlights why Global Sevilla has five different programs with a unique learning focus on each age group. 

Why IEYC? 

When it comes to reason, Global Sevilla has the right to use the curriculum to support the vision and mission of a balanced education. The curriculum itself is flexible, available, and works alongside the national curriculum. That is why the preschool Jakarta uses it to provide a fun syllabus covering more than 18+ learning units to capture the nature of children’s curiosity and learning. 

The idea of using IEYC in Global Sevilla is not a mere decision or following the FAD. Some details on IEYC are similar to the school’s mission, which is developing a thorough education for both academic and character development. It also indicates the flexibility and vast uses of the curriculum in the school. For parents wanting an international education, be sure to check Global Sevilla.Reference:

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