Buying new gear for yourself will help schools get funding they nee

The new school year often means new accessories and new supplies, however, many educational institutes lack the funds to properly outfit students with what they need for success. Here’s how you can help, while picking up some cool stuff for mesin suling minyak atsiri yourself.

It should come as no surprise that there is a correlation between school budgets and student achievement. If an institute has the means to outfit the student with proper equipment, provide extra help with learning when required, keep class sizes to a reasonable number, offer after-school programs and a subsidized meal program, and compensate teachers and staff fairly, then the chances of overall success are much higher.

With our Back to Education Event, you have the opportunity to contribute positively to these ends. For every purchase made from the following great deals, not only will you be kitting yourself out, we’ll donate $0.50 per unit sold to a school or charity. You will receive an email asking you to vote for your favorite and when the promotion concludes, you will receive another email announcing the school/charity chosen.

Tree of Light: Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lamp

It’s a lamp! It’s a charger! It’s a speaker! Charge your devices, play your tunes, and adjust the light to your liking with this stunning piece.

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