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“What is the best way to show multiple galleries on a site?”
Even when you want to showcase more range in your photography work, you have to resist the urge to display too many photos together.

There are exceptions to this, of course (like when you have a large archive of images for sale as prints or downloads). But just for portfolio pages, for displaying your best work to prove your skills, limit each portfolio gallery to around 20 images if you can.

That being said, you can still have multiple separate portfolio galleries/pages, one for each of the main specialties you cover.

And then one single main one, placed first, that acts as a “best of” collection of your entire work.

“Can I repeat keywords in my image IPTC info?”
Full question:

“Hi! I am an artist doing seo image optimization for my ecommerce site, you have a lot of great resources! I am adding IPTC info to my product and gallery page images. When adding IPTC in lightroom, you can add a list of keywords associated with the image. Would it be considered keyword stuffing to re-use phrases like “my brand name” and “fluid acrylic painting” “acrylic pour painting” in the IPTC info of mostly every image? These are relevant keywords to almost every product and brand image on my site.”

I think it’s safe, it would not be considered keyword stuffing.

With text content on the page (via ALT tags, titles, etc.) it’s a different thing. But IPTC info is not yet considered in the same way by Google. They only recently started looking into IPTC info anyway.

I can’t be 100% sure here, but here’s another argument: repeating the same phrases is a common practice by agencies who have a large stock photography archive, as a way to properly “tag” their images, especially when dealing with multiple photographers. So I think it’s not a problem for SEO.

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