When does the Clippers' new field open? Most recent update on Intuit Dome

When does the Clippers’ new field open? Most recent update on Intuit Dome

Since the time moving to Los Angeles in 1984, the Clippers have been in the shadow of their crosstown adversaries, the Lakers.

This remains constant as far as on-court accomplishment as well as off-court allure and prominence.

The Clippers have zero titles to their name contrasted with an association driving count of 17 for the Lakers. Truth be told, the Clippers made their very first Western Conference Finals appearance in the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

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This shadow got hazier in 1999 when the two groups started playing home games in a similar field – the Staples Center – under all the title pennants of the Lakers.

Six of the Lakers’ 17 titles have come since the transition to the field in midtown Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, things started changing a couple of years into Steve Ballmer’s possession, and one of those key advances includes moving out of the Staples Center.

What is the Intuit Dome?
Intuit Dome is the Clippers’ proposed home field. The main look was delivered by the establishment in July 2019.

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