Comparing stats and 3-point records with MVP years

Comparing stats and 3-point records with MVP years

Stephen Curry, already widely considered the greatest shooter in NBA history, ceases to amaze night after night on the NBA floor.

An explosive start to the season, individually and as a team, Curry’s legacy continues to grow. If it weren’t for Kevin Durant, no one would doubt that Curry is the MVP but even considering KD, the Warriors superstar seems to have a clear advantage.

The fact that this is discussion can even be brought up is a testament to the greatness we have seen from Curry so far this season. And although it would be difficult to answer the question above after only one quarter of the season, it is possible to compare his stats.

How does this Stephen Curry compare against the one from his unanimous MVP season or his first MVP season? Let’s take a look.

From the above numbers, a couple of things are clear about the current version:

It far surpasses that of the first MVP year in 2014-15.
It goes head-to-head with the unanimous MVP season in 2015-16.
During the 2015-16 season, his points tally stood at 640 (compared to 556) at an efficiency of 52.4 percent (compared to 45.1 percent). In the current season, although he is scoring lesser at a lower efficiency compared to the 2015-16 season, he’s knocking down more 3-pointers and grabbing more rebounds.

Recently, he broke his own record for the least number of games required to reach 100 3-pointers.

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