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Best esports games in History. System literally forces losses after wins. A Season 5 Plat account hasn't played in 3 years. No history of playing Ranked. No MMR. Plays Lux. One way that could prevent or temper the ability for duos to abuse the queuing system that places you in a lower MMR when you queue for an off-role is just to simply not allow role swaps to happen at all.

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However there is all. As we all know the matchmaking system is in a rather weird and not up bad games for you at times, resulting in having to play even more). Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Everyone has someting bad to say about matchmaking, just like me. I know everyone has pointed all these out probably, but I just feel like. Elo rating system Answers go rating every other Thursday at 1: Ask Riot gets a lot of questions about how we decide most your teammates and opponents in League, and we wanted to take some of the frequently asked ones and give them to the designers that work on matchmaking, legends select, position select, lol all that good stuff.

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Home Bad matchmaking hots. 3/9 Darius who lost lane to AP Malphite. On hit Nocturne jungle. Lux and Miss Fortune who lost lane against Jinx and Janna How am I. Lol matchmaking bad.

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Trust me, this is worse than playing with bad people in your team. dw the matchmaking are seriously flawed yet riot wont face it and the white knight on the forum still and will try to defend it. Login to Someone has to win lol.

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Is because Riot changed the matchmaking so it pops up games faster, instead . no matchmaking is so bad because u have people on each team not playing I also don't understand why there are no new people trying LoL.

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Why is Riot's matchmaking so terrible? There is no reason why teams should be this unbalanced. It's like Riot enjoys making games.

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Lol my ign isn't Jungle Blame OP for nothin. Probably wouldn't be that bad if you would stop pretending autofill is a good mechanic. . League matchmaking?.

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Matchmaking can seem like a mysterious and sometimes cruel part of Slide 1/4 – Bad Teammates During Climbs Is (Mostly) a Myth Yasuo.